Wednesday, March 4, 2009

ONE DAY activity in 3 DAYS SHOT

Harith (my grandson) would normally find his way into my bedroom by half past seven or just before eight o'clock each morning. He knew where to go, which part to climb and the rest is history ... the neatly done cozy nut shell of mine would turn into a ... a venture ground for him.

This little toy man comforts me very much... tastes good too!
Warming up
Still neat... round ONE! 
Here is something I have not pulled down yet... it's too high (for now) 
I am watching Mama through Wan's bedroom window 
Watching MY Mama opening the gate.  She left me in safe hands.
OW! Caught me in the act...
 Phew! It was hard work but I succeeded.  Satisfied!
I am  always up to something... this time you guess what!
Counting the hours for Mama to come home
Caught ME! Wan's beautiful crochet bed cover... just crumple in my hands 
OOOO!  That was fast. Wan has lost count. How many up and down already?
This is even faster!
I managed to pull  it through  without upsetting the rest 
"Fast forward" and  upside down....

Enjoy watching ME... have fun with me


Donna said...

Harith has been very busy! He's just adorable.


RoyalTLady said...

Yes Donna,
AND I sure have my hands full with him... I could hardly disappear from his sight.

Adorable yes, playful yes, fighting and pulling our hair yes, climbing up the stairs...yes.