Monday, March 2, 2009


28th February

After a late breakfast, we went out to get Diyanah's (aka Aunt Dee aka my youngest daughter) book from MPH bookstore located at One Utama. Aunt Zaza (my second daughter) drove her car.

(All the aunts and uncle "terms" are referred to names and titles addressed by Harith)

Meanwhile, Harith, his Mama (aka my eldest daughter aka Tasha) and his Papa (aka Rizal) went to a different destination for khenduri doa selamat ( Thanks Giving) for his mom in Perak. I was also invited but with prior arrangement already set with Diyanah, I did not go along with them.

After we were done with lunch, window shopping and all... we came home.

Guess what had happened??????????

My "young man in my heart" had a GREAT surprise for ME and all of us!!!!!!! He had traveled home from his campus located a few hundred kilometers away without us knowing. It was indeed a pleasant surprise and the best gift for the last day in February.

I asked why are you home? (was that appropriate? asking someone who came home?????)...

He said "I read your blog "The Emergency Treatment" and I decided to come home and see how you are doing!!!!!!!!!!

MY HEART WENT .... I just don't know how to describe... was deeeeeeeeeeeply touched at his gesture and it was a HUGE sacrifice.

Tears, YES real tears flowed down my cheeeeeeeeeeeks...... endlessly!

Never have I thought that my third child, aka Hafiz aka Uncle Fiz aka the young man in my heart... would be struck HARD to discover something we had kept from him (for not wanting him to get worried) through MY BLOG...

During my Asar Prayer... TEARS kept flowing. How thankful I was to Allah The Most Gracious and The Most Merciful for sending this "message" to Hafiz and for striking his heart to come home AND most of ALL for sending home my son to ME. Its so very wonderful to know, to discover and to experience Allah's Will that touched my vary heart and soul.

Hafiz, there is NO words to express my gratitute to you...
for making your sudden appearance
the moment the door flung opened
your huge smile greeted US all in the living room...
....such an unforgettable and most appreciated deed

We have NEVER thought you would be so thoughtful...

Sorry though Hafiz!
When you arrived, no one was home
No lunch was kept but a week old roti canai
found its way into your tummy... hihihihi...

How sweet of YOU
You were beyond our expectations

Taking a cab to the bus station from your campus
On arrival in Kuala Lumpur
Taking the path to the LRT station on foot
Stopping at KL Central Station
Hopping into another cab
Through Damansara the driver drove you...
To an empty home... and empty arms....

...... this is the power of blogging...
pst! I knew someone else (living near me) is also reading my scribe and knew what went on with me through this blog!

HAFIZ! He was one of the silent and most frequent visitor from Johor Baru....never dropped lines in comment columns...

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