Saturday, January 24, 2009


Early morning, I was shoved into Mama-Wan's car. What, without breakfast? That was odd! People must be in a hurry to go somewhere. Never mind, as long as I am included, I don't quite mind. Going for a drive must be fun. I get to see more colors than the white walls in our house.

Up the hill Mama went. Taking a right turn... Ha! Must be going to the campus. Then I knew my guess was correct. As she was maneuvering to the left, I saw the campus gate which was only five minutes away from where we live. The guard was at the gate. He let us in. Along the short journey, I noticed lots of greens on the hill to my left. Mama made two more right turns. Now I was beginning to see buildings. They must be the Language Faculty. Down the hill she drove, this time stopping at the junction. After the traffics cleared off, Mama made her second right turning. Passing through and she stopped at this huge building called Perdana Siswa.

Aunt Dee got out of the car and into the building she went. Soon, she came back and talked to Mama. I guess there was something that was urgently needed to be done. What? So soon we were already home. Wan was in her bedroom. Then I saw they both went out without me... I tried to protest but they simply disappeared out of my sight. Wan must be sending Mama to work.

A few minutes later, Wan came home. I heard her talking to Aunt Dee. I was given my breakfast and drinks. Wan then prepared their breakfast. Aunt Dee went upstairs to change her clothes. Wan did the same. I saw something else was ready for me... a pair of long pants and baby blue colored T-Shirt (my smart attire for outings) from Doha, Qatar... a gift from uncle Zamin. HA! We are going somewhere now!

Wan was at the wheel and Aunt Dee was seated at the back with me strapped to her lap. My baby chair was in Papa's car. And Papa was at the Selayang Hospital since early morning. Uci was to be operated for he liver cancer. Wan prayed hard for her... she is like a sister to Wan. Wan is actually having soft spots for everyone in her life.

Through the Parliament House we drove. On reaching the Lake Garden and National Monument area, there was massive traffic jam. Wan maneuvered through but soon was in the queue to reach the traffic lights. People grew so impatient. The yellow box was not empty. There was a bus, vehicles and vehicle...all jammed up. It suddenly looked like some "undisciplined" drivers were at work!

Patiently, Wan trudged along. I was busy looking at the tyres, big and small. Little ones from the motor bikes, big ones were from the car and huge ones were from the buses. Above, the sun was shining brightly . The sky was clear. No rains! Thank God, Alhamdulillah. Otherwise the jam would have worsened.

We continued the journey. On the right, I saw a huge colonial-looking building, it was the Civil Court. As Wan took a left turn, I saw The City Municipal Council Building. Newly renovated... perhaps at least two years now... I did not know for sure because I was not born yet. Wan might have known.

Further down, passing few more office buildings, I saw SOGO shopping complex. Next to it was Pertama Shopping Center with face lifts done since a couple of years back. Was turned to the right. We reached MARA Building. Driving through very narrow lane, I saw lots of huge cars. People were having a meeting , I was sure. They were big shots' cars. At the end of the building I saw a red cone and a sign board that was printed with "Car park FULL". The Security Guard, just walked passed it. Wan smiled broadly and talked to him. Then I saw him removing the cone and let Wan drove through and down to the underground parking area.

To the basement we went and basement three was Wan's choice. She knew the secret parking space that not many people knew in that building. She used to be a contractor supplying furniture and uniforms to this organization. NO wonder! 

As soon as we got down, I felt warm and there was nasty smell coming from fumes of those vehicles including ours. Quickly we found our way to the lift. I was allowed to press the lift. Great! That was my first time ever... ever in my entire one year life.... to get the chance to do it. Hahaha!

We reached the ground floor. There were not many people there... but of course, the reception counter was shifted elsewhere. We found our way somehow. Got into the queue and I was in Wan's arms. I could imagine the hurts she got from carrying 11 kg.-weight in her arm. I could walk. But the place was so strange. I was not sure whether I wanted to walk. I had my birthday shoes on but without any socks, it was called Clarks. Papa bought it for me.

We waited for the lift again. This time I did not get any chance to press the button. There were many people. Then our lift arrived. Up to the third floor we got. When the lift opened, I saw so many young people of Aunt Dee's age. All of them were carrying bright yellow scholarship forms. Aunt Dee was delivering her letter of acceptance to the counter. It took quite a while to settle there. 

A young man offered his seat to Wan and me. So polite of this uncle. He got up, signaling us to seat and he stood by the wall. Then Wan said to me:

"Harith, say thank you to that uncle, He gave us his seat". I then turned to him, (as though understood Wan's words) and smiled... giving him my sweet smile...handsome smile perhaps? He smiled back. Probably he too, understood Wan's message to me a little while ago. He was in pale blue long sleeved shirt.

When Aunt Dee finished her business there, down we went returning the name tag to the counter. I was allowed to walk freely there. I made little noises. The guard was trying to touch me, but I resented. The floor was newly refurbished, the place was brightly lighted and very posh looking. The renovation must have just been completed ... there were signs telling such a thing.

We went into the Islamic Bank on the same floor. As we entered, the bank's security guard asked Wan, where were we going. Perhaps we looked more like people who wanted to take a seat in the air conditioned bank than to do any transactions. Anyway, after telling him our intentions, he let us in. Aunt Dee was already inside before us.

We took a seat on a gray settee. There was something that caught my attention. The voice called out for some numbers. It sounded different each time it made that loud sound. Wan repeated the number to me. Something else was there too for pass my time. The arm rest of this settee was moving freely. I moved it round and round and round and round. I was sure Wan was ever so glad I found something to play with.

Then I saw Aunt Dee went to the counter. Once her transaction was done, we decided to have our snack. Up the escalator we got. It was not my first time up on it. But when I was in my stroller, Mama and Papa always took the lift. We found a cafe' and comfortably settled there. Aunt Dee prepared my milk... ha! Was I hungry?

Then I heard Wan suggesting we go next door, to the Maju Junction Building. It was a huge shopping place with some government offices located there. Next to it, was Open University Campus. But after much deliberation, they both aborted the idea. WHY? Because there was only one milk supply, which I have just finished and there was no nestum in my bag. So, there you are! Next time don't forget to bring extra food for me if you decide to bring me along.

Anyway, after almost two hours in the building, we went down to the car park. I got to press the lift 'button...again? YES I did! Hooray!

As Wan drove out, I dozed off and therefore, there was nothing else to tell. I did not get to see anything anymore. My eyes were shut, closed. I was in Aunt Dee's comfortable arms.

When the car stopped, I opened my eyes, blink, blink,  and where were we? OH, we were already home! The pillows, comforter and cushions looked so familiar to me... BUT of course! They were my buddies... during the day time that's where I took my rest and sleep.

Well... until the next scribe from Amir Harith, do visit my Wan's blog often and please leave comments. Don't just leave silently without traces... OH! Feedjit is there... to tell where you came from....but there was nothing to read ..only footsteps were seen.


Anonymous said...

Let me be the first then, Harith, to complement your story telling of your big outing. And yes, there should always be extra milk along on all treasure hunts--just in case! Seems like you were such a good boy through it all.

RoyalTLady said...


Harith was SOOOOOOO glad you came along and wrote comments.

Indeed Alice, You are right. With babies around and without their "baggage"... you cannot go further.

BOY! Was I lucky? He did not even cry... that was my greatest scare, had he done it... I just dunno where to hide my face. LOL.

I was thinking of going to Maju Junction to get an Identity Card replacement for Diyanah. But that has to be done next Wednesday... Monday and Tuesday are Chinese New Year Holiday in Malaysia.

Tea Time With Melody said...

Well that was real cute. I am speechless. You need to print that out and save it for years to come.

Mary-Laure said...

Lovely story-telling!

RoyalTLady said...

Tea Time with Melody and Mary Laura,

Thank you for encouraging comments.

Yes, I turned to this little change since I ran out of ideas... what more to scribe.

Yesterday we took Harith on a shopping spree... he noticed the lift's button and wanted to touch it...He remembered his earlier experience...haha.

How he had walked and made noise was like no body's business. He went on and on while watching the Lion Dance and Chinese New Year decorations in the mall.

He never left us alone...

azahar said...

WellHarith, what an outing, just like that film Baby's Day Out!