Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Good Luck to you Diyanah.

THE DAY started with Diyanah was awaken by Me... Where is your IC?  Did you not carry your IC when you go out of the house?  Hey Mummy!  What did I do to Diyanah?  She was supposed to be in calm manner before the interview.

I drove almost 280 km away to her school for this "Scholarship Interview" to do Medicine in Russia.

Suddenly, "Mummy may I use your mobile?"
I could hear her asking her friend to log on the internet and look for the Minister's names, which Minister works in which Ministry?  Ha ha ha!  My IC scare was overcame with this sudden eagerness to know who works where!  I just continue driving leasurely as we were still quite early.

This picture was taken while they were discussing the current affairs in Malaysia and Asian region  in case the interviewers ask.

After the interview, we decided to have another snap before leaving the school... It would be a couple more months before we have to come and get the exam results...
Meanwhile, she becomes an assistant baby-sitter. She manages quite well and they both get along  extremely well.  Harith adores her...When Harith is asleep, she becomes the laundry lady.  

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