Monday, January 5, 2009


This plant has been in this vase with gel since December 2008. It's one of my favorites since there is no constant attention demanded... Just leave them there and they grew new leaves.

Thank you ...

I have been tagged by LAURA whose blog I visit regularly. Let's make this blog chain an opportunity to visit blogs 'round the world.

So, dear bloggers, these are the rules:

1. Link to the person who tagged you.
2. Post the rules on your blog.
3. Write six random things about yourself.
4. Tag six people at the end of your post and link to them.
5. Let each person know they've been tagged and leave a comment on their blog.
6. Let the tagger know when your entry is up.

So here goes with rule number 3:
  1. I love driving and traveling (lately only locally in Malaysia)
  2. I am a Jane of all trade and master of none.... a business lady, a mother of four, a granny to one, a lecturer to my 4 children...and and and my latest post is Baby Sitter to Harith.
  3. I have been married once and now enjoying being single.
  4. If I had the money, I would feed all the orphans and rebuild homes for the Muslims in Iraq and Palestine.
  5. I still do not know what I'd like to have for this new year... but for sure I am much saddened by the happenings in the Palestine ......Allahu akbar.
  6. I love blogging, reading blogs and browsing the cyberspace...
Now you know!
  • First of all, I'd like to welcome my dear friend The Dutchess , from Amsterdam into the blog sphere! Her travels take us to wonderful places. Her scribes tell ALL with such articulate talent that bring smiles to you. My grandson, Harith adores her Mr.Bee.
  • To have a good start, let's kick it off with Heidi from Amersfoort, Netherlands who loves to make her home a cheerful place and loves writing about her handwork, about the changing seasons and things around her home and garden.
  • GrandmaK from Newburgh, IN, United States. Another multi tasking lady like me... A Wife, mother of 5, grandmother of 9 with the addition of Miss Madddie. She is a Registered Nurse working in Family Practice.
  • Karin from Phoenix, Arizona in the beautiful Sonoran Desert describes herself as a stay-at-home mom and former elementary school teacher. Posts wonderful pictures everyday to share with bloggers - her handsome Mike (a musician/handyman), one beautiful 3 year old daughter, referred to here as “Little Girl” and a 2 year old mutt named Melody.
  • Nazarina A of Malaysian descent and grew up in South Africa who lives, loves and shares good food in a very jovial and unpretentious manner. She invites all of us to join her on this culinary journey as she cooks her way through an array of gastronomic delights!
  • Ginnie from North Carolina, United States who has friends of all ages, gender and color. Traveled far and wide, sharing her experiences with such a wonderful scribe and pictures.

GOSH! It was so difficult to tag ... I started at 2 a.m. this morning and now it's 11.34a.m... I am still editing the post. There are so many people to choose from and how I wished I could tag everyone...


The Dutchess said...

My Dear..Thank you thank you..I so appreciate this. I am going to make some time soon..I am working on a new (blog) place..named "On the Mantelpiece "especialy for these lovely things..And for putting someone's picture (blog)up for special attention or an award..
I love to be in blogland..take care dear..and a cuddle for little Harith:)

RoyalTLady said...


You have collected your tag and am to see your six "facts" about yourself...

Good luck on your new blog "On the Mantelpiece"...

I have cuddled Harith for you. Guess he has some kind of sixth sense... One day at lunch, I had a telephone conversation with a friend and she asked me to kiss him... suddenly he turned around and kissed me instead. Amazing how a little baby has this "aura".

I just LOVE your new "blog appearance"... so soothing and welcoming.

afiq said...


how r u auntie?
hope everything is fine..

kalo auntie nk twu lg lanjut tntang palestin, u can also read at

thats all..
thank you auntie..

RoyalTLady said...

Assalamualaikum Afiq,

I shall visit the link you gave me.TQ

Hopefully you are safe and fine over there. Sedih tak dengan umat Islam di buat with such "brutality"?

I even cried while berdoa so that Allah hapuskan SIBINATANG yang amat kejam itu and save the Palestinians and for Allah to send "helps" like in surah Ababil...amin.

Take care.

RoyalTLady said...

Ahamdlillah syukur!!!!!!!

MERCY Malaysia selamat sampai ke Palestin with all the medical supplies ... headed by its president, Datuk Jamilah.

Syabas wanita berhati mulia... this honor should be given to her as "THE IRON LADY OF MALAYSIA"

afiq said...


im just fine over here..
of course im so sad n angry for what happened there...
Arabs people is very2 sentitive bout this Palestine issue,tapi government die yg teruk...

mesir tak berapa nk tolong sangat Palestin..

they say they can give helps but with condition that Hamas must stop launching rockets to israel...


its our duty now to doa for them..
sy pn ade dpt ym saying that we also can read surah al fath every night so that Allah give d victory to palestin..

RoyalTLady said...

Ya Afiq,

And another is Qunut Nazirah (I have not learned this), Sunday tafsir class nanti ada diajar oleh guru kami Dr.abdullah Yasin, insyaallah.

A little bit of additional surah... ayat 85,86,88 surah Yunus...supaya Israel hancur!!!!!!!!!!!

Ya Allah, rasa hancur hati tengok gambar2 yang dihantar tu...bayangkan itu ibu bapak kita, anak2 dan kaum keluarga di Malaysia... tapi dengan semangat jihad dan iman yang ada insyallah, membakar semangat keislaman kita untuk terus tidak berdiam diri dari berbuat sesuatu.

Semuga Allah "menghantar bantuan dari langit" dengan tidak putus-putus. Amin ya rob bil'alamin.

afiq tantawi said...

yg saye sedih sgt sbb dh la skang ni winter,sejuk..

suhu pn da 2-3 dgree celcius kalo mlm..
bygkn bdk2 kecik dh la takde mak ayah,rumah takde,tggl sehelai sepinggang..

qunut nazilah..
itu je la senjata kita sbgai org islam..
& insyaAllah kalo bleh kte teruskn boikot brg2 yg ade kaitan dgn amerika n israel..

kte buat je la ape yg kte mampu..
sekurang2nye nanti ble Allah tanye kat akhirat,ape yg kite lakukan utk bantu saudara kite kat Palestin,kte ade amalan yg boleh nak dibawa utk menghadap pertanyaan Allah tu..

Heidi said...

Thank you for the tag but mostly for the kind words you said about my blog. I do think it is so important to love your home and make it a haven for yourself and your family. A place that brings you peace. If we have peace in the home, we can perhaps finally find peace outside the home.

Hugs ~

RoyalTLady said...


Very true what you have just said, I agree.

Once you are at peace and contented, then no ill feelings are shed upon others. No enviousness, jealousy, proud or looking down on others exist anymore. Such people would enjoy life better and grow old graciously.

RoyalTLady said...

Assalamualaikum Afiq,

Have you got an email address? Have you got Qunut Nazilah already? If you haven't got...please email me.


-i am muslim- said...

wassalam auntie..
saye takde pun email auntie..
ni email saye..

thank u sooo much..