Monday, August 15, 2011

What am I famous FOR?

Waking up for sahur is not such a hard task.  Fist call is at 5:00a.m. with little Harith's firm voice,  "His recitation of Al Fatihah" on my mobile.  Second wake up call, at half past five.  Without fail, I must jump out of bed.  This means no solat sunat as time gets shorter to have my last meal.

Cleaning.  Not hard.  Walking towards the kitchen, alone.  Sometimes if my daughter wakes up at the same and making no noise, I would jump out of fright!  Most times, she only drinks for sahur.  I normally have my cereal with some extra milk.  With  variables, dates or bananas at times accompanying cereal to complete my ritual.  When Hafiz was around, we usually have something more elaborate.  With Di around, cereals or just dates and plain water alternate our menus. Hafiz is due to be home by this Friday.

"Mummy!!!!!!!  Did you warm up anything on the stove?"
"Good grief!"  I stumbled out of bed at 11:00a.m. after my second nap of the morning... second??? Yes, a second one.  I was dead exhausted with the Mid Valley Mega Mall walking, waiting for D to try out new outfits and that lasted for 4 hours.  

We ended up getting a new pair of black trousers.  By that time I was too tired to get my brown sugar from Carefour.  Never mind, still could get it from 99 Speed Mart in Sri Hartamas later. But as she was turning into the area, I couldn't see 99 SM... the jammed has already built up in the narrow lane.  Told her to ignore and go home instead.  By 4:00p.m we were already rushing out to send her back to her new dwelling, 10 minutes from Cyber Jaya and 40 kilometers away from home.

First, dispatching little tots to their parents along Jalan Puchong where they were parking themselves in the light shop with boxes and boxes to take home.  As we were leaving, it was 5:30p.m   and heavier showers took its turn.  We had to make a U-turn up the lane and tra la la.  Torrential falls had reduced the traffic to a snail crawl on both sides of the lane.  Not a single piece of soil was dry.  Before we maneuvered into  the apartment, there was this huge flood that almost drown a Proton Saga.

"We shall have our Iftar here and go home after Isha' prayer," came a suggestion and order from Za2.  Agreed.  Of course there was no way to go home, not in the flash flood.  We went round looking for restaurant to get more food to add to the packed ones from home.  We found it.  A Halal one indeed.  The flies, huge and small were busily making their landings on the food, both the sweet local dishes and curries.  Disgusting. We left without buying anything. Pasar Ramadhan was on the other end of the shopping area.  The rain was getting less heavy but not completely subsided.  I jumped over the drain.  We all jumped over.  Got some grilled chicken wings, masak lemak tempoyak with shredded petai and halved anchovies, popia, roti john, and a few more dishes......

After Isha' prayer and as planned, we left.  The journey took longer through the LDP to get home.  By then I was almost half asleep.

"I thought I already turned it off a couple of hours ago!!!!!!"  said I in disbelief...
"Yes, but you did not turn off the burner completely, it was on a slow fire.  How long do you think you have warmed it up?  Asked Za2.
"oooooooooo, two hours?  May be three?"  I wanted to laugh but it was not something to be of fun . 
"What if we had gone out? The apartment would surely have gone...."  She dare not continue.

I was thinking hard... what time did I actually light up the stove?  Surely it was before 9:00a.m... I was still very drowsy when I was welcomed with this strong smell of the fumes and burned Singgang Ikan Tenggiri...  The vision pot was not so  badly bruised.  There were still some fish untouched by the burns.  I slowly salvaged them and shoved into the fridge to give them some cooling effect.  Fans were turned on.

"I thought it came from the neighbors", said Za2.
"When did you discover it?" asked I.
"At 11:00." giving a short answer and disappeared into her bedroom.
"Honestly I cannot remember what time I started it but I was sure I have tuned it off" still defending myself. 
"Yes but it was not completely off.  Next time look at it properly!" warned Za2.

Until now, as am writing this post, I do not have any slightest idea as to what time I had put the burner on.  The dizzy spells overcame every single cells.

Early this morning, I tried to scrape the burned pot but it was not completely gone.  The black burned out onions, garlic, galanggal, asam keping and water all had turned out to be thick charcoal.  Luckily there was still plenty of water when I started warming it up...

Earlier, I already had my first encounter of burning chicken soup in a non stick pan.  It was not bad.  The pot was okay.  The blacked-burned out spices and all were easily taken out and they left  behind no marks or smells... Am I famous with this?


azahar said...

Petai is bitter beans in English. Learn it yesterday from Chef Wan.

azahar said...

Be careful with the stove or anything you cook with. At our age, being forgetful is forgivable, but not with something so dangerous as fire. Take care and make doubly sure that you automatically put off the stove before you go to sleep!

RoyalTLady said...

Ya, you are right there SIR!!!!