Friday, August 12, 2011

Great CONTRAST of invasion

WHEN I first began blogging, in the year 2007 up till a year later, it was so blissful and enjoyable.  WHY?  Bloggers were so pure, full of respects, honorable and sincere.  They left us well intended - friendly comments, while some coming by so quietly and leaving without any traces and as time passed, as creativity develops, more unwanted spams began invading us.  These I believed are from the "restless crops" that has nothing better to do.

I was quite lucky to get them only as early as 2010...  But this is not something enjoyable and welcoming.  So, I'd rather have nothing in my comment columns than getting such invasions and inventions... Some would leave links which are aimlessly unfamiliar... Goodness!  They have the time to go to each blog roll dated back few years beyond... just to leave such "links, advertisements, comments" which are unbecoming.  

But am glad to say the least, that am "noticed" by them although they are not welcome to advertise in my blog land.

No wonder, I have been reading anguish comments from my lovely but furious blogger friends  (of such invasion)!   Ladies, keep your head high, walking tall and lets ignore them.  ; - ))

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