Monday, June 14, 2010

MORE PICTURES ...unprofessional shots

Without them the National Anthem wouldn't have been there. That did us proud for being a Malaysian. They were from the Royal Regiment... am not too sure if they were from The PDRM or The Military band.

These were part of the team that made the occasion as successful as it were.

The Premier's wife shaking hands with someone she possibly knew too well... Look at those beautiful beading work on her striking pink garment.
Sorry Sir, Mr.Prime Minister. I lost it ... it doesn't enter my frame. My Wrong calculation and estimation of the distance...
All the semi pro photographers were in action to obtain the best shot of His Majesty The King. I believed the gentleman in maroon baju melayu was the songket expert... TI.

Amidst the huge crowd and a long queue, His Royal Highness still appeared regal as he ended his handshakes... Far behind under the yellow umbrella were The Queen and their princesses.

A close up of Her Majesty The Queen and the two Princesses

That marked the end of the celebration... until June the 5th 2011...

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