Monday, June 14, 2010


WE, me and my pic, have arrived on time for the garden party at the Grand Palace for our beloved King's Birthday.
The entrance appeared calm as we were making a turn to look for an appropriate spot to get down. Cars with chauffeurs were allowed to make a turn nearer to the main gate.

This is the main gate to the palace

The Policeman is seen guarded the traffic as we drew nearer to the entrance

I did not take any pictures as we were walking into the Palace garden. It was too hot and humid to even handle the camera. We were more than anything, anxious to find our appropriate tent with the help of the usherettes who were sweating in their beautiful make-ups without any umbrellas above their heads.

After we found our seats, I had tried to divert my own attention from focusing on the hot sun, lacking of fans, sweating and much uneasiness felt. A little comfort was found when familiar faces from the movies and TV dramas were around us. They were the pretty, handsome and famous actress and actors of Malaysia.

Several shots were tried. This one shows The Royal tent in yellow color and quite far ahead from where we were seated. Nearest to us was the deserts served by the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. The tallest of them all was the fruit salads placed alternately in a large tall bowl (?). The towering sticks were cheese sticks placed in an equally large tall bowl (?). There were assorted puddings served but only durian puddings had caught my appetite. Fresh fruits were my next course. What about the main meal? Ahaaa, deserts first! Next, I had mee mamak which was so delicious, a couple sticks of chicken and beef satay with nasi impit and a mini murtabak. That had already filled our tummy. Plain water was no where to be found. Funny, eh? We had to make do with hot tea and ice-cooled sweet red syrup.

Despite the brightly-shone afternoon sun had caught our delicate eyes, we still tried to catch a glimpse of His Majesty The King and Her Majesty The Queen who were ushered under those yellow royal umbrellas.
You bet what had happened to the dignitaries who had turned up in full suits and the uniformed guards and policemen ...their sweats were pouring down!

As he was heavily guarded, we still managed to "capture"him on our cams. I was one of those who had lifted my arms high and mighty... (shame on me)....I don't want to miss this special occasion taking pictures of him personally. This is the first time in five years I came close to see him in person. Otherwise, I only found the opportunity via television during his official duties and Friday Prayers.

The King is in peach pink Malay attire and matching colored garments worn by the Queen. He appeared to be looking at me or my cam!!!

Behind the Queen is our Prime Minister in shocking pink baju melayu and his wife in an equally matching color. They all shook hands with the guests who had faithfully formed the bee line despite the hot and scorching sun above our pretty heads. You could imagine in which row I was with so many images caught in front of me.

(At the very least these shots took away our attention from those previous hot topics which had welcomed no comments at all. News spoke louder than words, I guess.)
More pictures were taken on our way out after this hand shakes. I shall try to upload later.

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