Monday, May 10, 2010

OH ...

See how time flies away
I never did realize it, really?
Time never waits, indeed never!
That I very well knew

Moments like these were so fleeting
Thoughts were harbored
To share or not to share?
Pictures were safely kept
Hundreds of them

But I just never knew where to begin
How to begin
When and why?
They passed yet unnoticed...slipped off

Since my last March
Things have been happening
Many many of them
And they were simply there
Safely locked in my memory bank
It is NOW like an overlooked "homework"

I miss all my blogger friends
I could see bloggers dropping by
Only that, some have never left a single word
They eventually crept away silently

Countless excuses I have faced
Shall I blame the internet speed?
Which was extremely slow at times
Shall I blame the stormy weather
Catching me blogging at the wrong time?
Shall I blame this little mind
Which is so congested with facts, stories, tales and thoughts?

Whatever had happened
I must start posting again...

See you around!


azahar said...

Time really flies when we are me, busy waiting for that day - my retirement day..

But, never make busy as an excuse not to do good things in life.

Life is more than chasing money, power and they say.

Life is to be lived care for our loved give and to share with the needy and those who need help...

I am now counting days..25, 24, 16 May, that is when I begin my leave before the actual retirement date...

RoyalTLady said...

May 16th is Teacher's Day...

Then you shall join a lecturing-based-profession??? I know you shall be a resourceful person where ever you may be.

All the best to you in your endeavor...

azahar said...

Ooops is 16 June and not 16 may...

Yes, it will be lecturing after this...still have not made up my mind whether to accept UDM or UMK...