Wednesday, May 26, 2010



I went for a walk
With my son, daughter, her husband and their son
Three generations were in the park
Of our infamous the Lake Gardens
Of Kuala Lumpur

I very well knew
Others had been there before me
The early birds were enjoying tai chee
exercising, jogging, walking and marching

I held my attention no more
For the path that was well trodden
Told many unfold stories
From the steps of wise men
To the mere popper miseries

Sharing life of disparity
Surfaced with dusty schemes
Some may have paved it
with elegant dreams

I always walked there
on the path well-trod
but my footprints were never found
they were not at all mixed or mingled
with the others I walked behind

So I left the path
and I walked further into the woods
and when I turned I could not see
any trails created by me

My trail wasn't straight
nor was it wide
it wandered where ever I pleased
but the beauty I saw
could never be seen
for the path was built of concrete


azahar said...

Well my dear, it has been ages since I last visited our Lake gardens.

Used to wander around it in my younger days.

Enjoyed its quietness and the birds..

RoyalTLady said...

Yes, I could imagine. They have refurbished and upgraded and giving some parts some new and fresh look

Your days are numbered now. Am sure you are looking forward to it?

Wan Esah is going to hold a double wedding reception at the Mardi Lake, this Saturday.