Thursday, February 26, 2009


Ever since January 2009, postings became rare!
First, the sharing of laptops was to be blamed
Second, my laptop time was taken away
Third, I lost ideas and points to scribe!

Tonight, 26th February 2009... I felt slightly frustrated
After such a long and determined photo shots
I lost them all at a touch of a button!
My middle finger touched the "delete" button

They were deleted... YES they were!
suddenly I felt strange how to safe pictures
not that I have not done it before?
BUT the new folder was placed in the camera!

Thus when I deleted Pentax 100 file
I have actually deleted them all... 250 pictures?
Including Harith's great achievement.. 24th Feb
Climbing our coffee table that shared his books

I have not seen all of them shots
But a few remained in my memories
The picture of this beautiful blue bird
May be taken again tomorrow if he comes round

Shots of those baggage in the boot of Papa's car
Could never be repeated
They were filled to the brim
They were Aunt Dee's belongings

The 10th February... was her day of registration
Not too far away but enough to make me feel dizzy
Sitting at the back playing with Harith
While Mama took the wheel

Some shots were taken at the hospital
Mama and Harith accompanied me for a check up
Then we went for lunch near Aunt Dee's college
They were not there anymore

The shots may be repeated but the dates ...?
they would not be the same anymore
Offfffffs... I guess it was the post from my dear friend
that disturbed me most... I was upset

Somehow it found it's way into my blog again!
It was not a blog theft but since his name
Is in my "contributor's" list, somehow
Accidentally or purposedly, it arrived (again!) and my heart lept!

I saw a comment from GrandmaK in my email
I quickly turned to my blog
Ops! There it go again.

BUT most of all I am disappointed
Very disappointed when I clicked on "delete"...

Has anyone encountered this before?
I am sure many would have
BUT never mind... nothing is permanent anyway!!!!
Ophsssssss! I feel much better already

thanks for reading ... sorry no pictures to share
tomorrow I shall begin the day
with photo shots from my old old pentax 100
that is so slow and needed servicing badly...


A World in a PAN said...

Welcome back RoyalTLady!

RoyalTLady said...

HI there Laura!

GREAT to see you!!

Yes... coming back with frustrationssss.

Alice said...

So sorry you lost all your pictures. I've had that happen, but thankfully not for a very long time. Hope you able to recapture some of those images, but they should be intact in your memory.

royaltlady said...


YES indeed they are well locked in my memory.... but the events are not traceable againnnnnnn...sob! sob! sob...