Saturday, March 22, 2014


Assalamualaikum Friends,

I have tons of reasons to apologise to my frequent blog visitors for being absent from this blog land... I am not blaming anyone though but FB certainly has filled up my time.  Does it happen to you as well?

To all friends who came by and send thousands of comments I must say THANK YOU.  Though some have gone into their appropriate comment's posting.. there are those I should mention also... if they do not appear rightfully, they are spam.

2014 has been such a very eventful year for me, my family and this beloved country of ours.

For some reasons, we have to move on. Allah has done wonders to my life.  Separated from those "HE" doesn't want me to continue "living" with.  LIFE has to go on, with His guidance and constance Blessings.

Alhamdulillah, my days are filled with activities that touch peoples' hearts.

Till we meet again with more exciting postings... I wish you a prosperous 2014... a quarter has passed but lets all look forward for more exciting, more eventful and much blessed another three quarter of 2014.  Aameen.


I have just realised... exactly a year ago I posted my last posting... ain't it awful?
FOR those making inquiries about my blog...
1.  Yes, I did meddle with the colours to suit my taste.
2.  My banner was my own glass painting ...
3.  The rest were trial and errors from the time I took hold of this platform.
4.  You have to have patience and keep changing till you are satisfied with your "blog appearance".

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