Tuesday, January 10, 2012

WELCOME. Someone is outside my door.

New year welcoming my grandchildren with happy faces!  Not fevers I hope.  Thanks Allah for them both healthy tots.

All crisps and well pressed.  He made his way to his neighbor's house (which happens to be mine).  Today, he decided things, not his mom.

"I want to take care of gran."  Said Harith to his Mama who was speechless amidst the mad morning rush to get things in order, into the car and making sure nothing is left behind.

"He wants to take care of you Mummy.  That's what he says"... with all the hope in the world that I would not give negative answers.

With a broad smile, I welcome him into my warm arms and he gave me a sweet early morning smile.  He is gorgeous when he is in his good mood.  He gave me just as huge warm hug too.  Owe that was so sweet for an early new year greeting.  One of the greatest new year's gift!

Soon everyone were leaving for work and  little Sofiya has to go to her baby sitter, 30 KM away. Papa left home a little bit later than Mama. Obviously I wouldn't cope with two... they have bountiful energy while mine is receding. They know how to keep my place "alive" too.  They tease each other, create situations and incidences that cause their voices sending signals and "deafening sounds" to my ears.

But they are certainly  keeping me alive!  Otherwise, my daily routine would be just reading emails, FB and online news.  They too have their own favourite sites to visit.  The You tube being the most popular with some Arabic alphabets to learn, watch and listen to.  Sofiya would normally sway her cute little body to the sound of those melodies.  Quranic verses them a little quiet as though they understand that they are supposed to simply listen. Harith would be looking for CARS and games.  TV would be great fun too for him,  with local children programs on, or Ultraman, some other cartoons, animal films, Master Chef (Malaysia), Islamic talks, dramas and much more.  Of course, little Sofiya who has just turned one year two months limits herself to the You Tube most times.

 Rarely, both are with me at the same time except for weekends when there are aunties to help around.  I do not cope with both.  Cannot and would not.  Full stop!  They have such activities that would send me to the couch sooner than them, LOL!  Stairs-climbing would be lots of fun when she gets the chase which obviously tire me easily.

It's so much more meaningful to volunteer looking after your own at this age!  I was living with volunteering since my younger days which also have given me much satisfaction and high with motivation to go on.  But time flies so quickly that I am now much better off at home with my grand children.

When "sudden" change of schedule "appearing" at my door step, which is only a few steps away from theirs,  I just accept (as they come) with open heart and willingness to help my daughter who is working more than 30KM away.  After all, what am I here for?  This is God-sent responsibility and extended helping hands that I should and ought to offer.  I never complained, frown or shake my head when my grandchild stands outside my door.  I enjoy his or her company as much as they enjoy mine.  I find solace in them.  They are wonderful to look at.  Those eyes glitter each time they want something to share! They are wonderful to watch - watching them grow, doing things differently every day, speaking in their own ways, telling stories in an almost perfect mother-tongue language (only Harith does this), singing, acting, playing and most of all.... OH I LOVE it even better when they fall asleep!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!

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