Monday, September 19, 2011

10 = 2

IT was a real torrential fall last Tuesday, before Tuesday and after Tuesday... Alhamdulillah to that.  There was blessings in disguise.  Those showers have helped to clear the haze that was around us - (all the living creatures here), that was hanging in sky, in the atmosphere and most of all in the thinking minds of "forgetful people" like me...

After some hesitation, after hesitation, I fell asleep.  

The rice was boiling in the cooker.  It was basically meant for fried rice for someone special who was leaving for Jordan that night.  I had taken out some prawns, frozen veges, skinned the onions and shallots, cleaned the paprika, prepared the chillis and then I prepared myself to sleep.

It had been raining since the morning.  I knew he was leaving.  I was alone, without any chaperon ... that caused me to instantaneously hesitated to even thinking of going out of that front door.  But by four o'clock I was like in dizzy spells... I realized that I have not performed my prayer.  For an instant I thought I was dreaming.  But NO!  I wasn't.  So, hastily I took my ablution.  Prepared myself to pray, from one prayer to another.  Soon after, I felt so refreshed and found myself standing in the kitchen.

I started to prepare the friend rice.  How?

1. Shelled red onions/shallots, garlic and  prawns.  Slit the prawns to remove the "black" thingy from their back, leaving the tail intact. Set them aside.
2. Heat the wok with some olive oil.  Use the wooden ladle and as the new non stick pan would not like any scratches on its surface!  Before the oil gets heated up, put in sliced and crushed onions and garlic.  Lightly fry them.
3.  Add chillies.  Add a little salt to taste.  Than if it gets too hot, add a little brown sugar to lighten the hot "spells".

4.  Add veges, mushrooms and put in carrots last to maintain its crunchiness.
5.  Add rice last.  Keep on tasting until you get the correct taste.

Once done, look at the clock!  It's only 5:25p.m.  There is still time to prepare myself to go to the airport.  But before that, I called my "niece" to ask is she is free to accompany me to the airport which is more than 50 kilometers away from where I now reside  The phone was cut off instantly.  I knew just the reason why.  Her phone battery had gone kaput. Anyway, since the fried rice was ready, I better think wisely if I were to just pack them and store up! 

By the time I was ready to ... dunno what yet at this point of time.... the rain was getting heavier.  I took my car keys, house keys which by now I am quite used to handling all the 4 locks... took the packed fried rice and unlock the door.  Locking the door was no longer a  hassle now... 9 floors down and there I was ... into the car!  It was faithfully waiting for me on the second floor...

Out into the rain I drove.  My niece had gone back to her hostel, got the phone charged and then called me to tell she could come along with me.  Yayyyyyy!  BUT it wasn't as easy as typing the cary word Yayyyyyyy.  

That was when the equation in the previous post was posted....

The normal 10 minutes journey was too short on normal brightly shone days as compared to today's.  This time, the crawl turned into snail crawls... NO!  Not even snail crawl.  If you  could imagine, it took me two solid hours to reach her!

So, that answers that!  I knew we would easily have passed and missed the 9:00 o'clock flight.  Silently, deep down I was hoping for the flight to be delayed.  No one at the airport knew that we were coming.  Somehow, we were informed that the flight was delayed until 12:00 midnight.  Alhamdulillah.  I had ample time to reach the airport.  Slightly after 9:00p.m we were already at the parking lot.

Now the harder part is tracking them down.  Where could they be.  Any wrong movement, wrongly asked question might lead to the "secret" which would not be a secret anymore!!!  Anyway, we were successful.  We succeeded in giving a huge surprise to them.  I had four or five packed fried rice to share!!!

By the time I reached home... it was after 12:00 midnight.  So that was what it was all about!

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