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A phone call that ended at 2:45p.m had triggered my sick mind to drop these lines... I am still fatigue with flu, cough and cold and feeling very sick this instant.

Subhanallah!  Something has triggered me to write this wonderful experience with wonderful people whom I have come across unexpectedly, who have walked and trodden my path of life and have SOMEHOW saved my "Lives" with their good hearts... each one of these experience was Allah's ways to show His Greatness.  He works with His Kuun Fayakuun.  and it shall happen.
The STAR newspaper (cannot remember the date, the month was probably October in the year 2003) was placed on an empty seat next to me after he has finished reading it.  I took the window seating leaving the middle seat empty. He had occupied the first seat and  was dressed in a black shirt and (probably black trousers too)... I cannot remember this part so well.  Somehow a little conversation broke the silence between us both. 
"Are you going to KT or living in KT?" was the silence breaker question!
"Going to KT" said I politely.
"Are you on the job?" He seems to pursue further.
"Nope.  Am only visiting my son who is schooling there", now the answer gets longer.
"What about the father, not coming along?", a trap question I called it. Hahaha.
"Nope!" said I abruptly.
And so the little conversation went on and on until the plane landed.  We went our separate ways soon after loading an additional phone number each on our mobiles.

The land of chemistry... that's how it all started. Apart from visiting Hafiz in his school frequently, the short stay in KT was not so boring after all.  It was spiced up with intermittent calls, laughter and new stories to share.  Apparently he is the flight engineer with the aircraft  of a major airline in the country. I and him were sharing similar place of studies... we were both schooling in a boarding school. That's about all that we have in common.  And oh yes... we were both chatter box.

Then came one particular December in 2004... I was helping my cousins with the wedding preparation and there was this familiar number flickering on my mobile.  It was him.  Asking how I had been and how was my business?  It was in the position equivalent to what the Malay proverb says "Shoving a pillow to a sleepy person"... Gosh!  That was the moment I have been praying for...

Something beyond expectations:
I was awarded with this particular project that I had no fund to start with.  Incredible wasn't it?  Yes, IT WAS.  I was supposed to complete my deliver and installation by February 2005.  I had started measuring for preliminary quotation since seven months ago and by this time, I have lost hope of getting and have put the file away.  On one Friday afternoon, a caller's voice on the other end gave me this ray of hope... a hope I have since shelved ... Allah knows best!
"Mam, could you come over to our office after the Friday prayer and we should have some discussion regarding your quotation that was so long shelved?"  was that hopeful remark on a Friday.
"Insyaallah, I would, " said I.  I was thinking on a fast lane.  Even if they don't give me the whole entire building, a few would just suffice. I would have always prayed for a job that is halal from all forms of evils.

I have just came back from another project site that was not meant for me!  The whole buildings were fully  curtained. My quotation was the lowest twice.  Yet I was not awarded the project.  The law says, the lowest should get it!  Although deep down I was a little slighted, but I did not give up hope.  I kept on praying hard so that Allah would replace me with a new project, which is easier to perform, with bigger margin, cleaner in ever sense of the word and easier in every way ... INDEED my prayer was answered.

At 2:30 p.m  I was  already seated waiting for the officer to invite me into his office.  After a brief discussion
I agreed to have my final measurement taken by the people from the factory before the installation could be done.  How much did I get?  I was given the whole entire building to put up the vertical blinds...Alhamdulillah.

AS I WAS WALKING towards my car... my thoughts run wild!!!!!!!  Ya Allah, from where shall I get the money for the "down payment" to the factory?  I have absolutely no idea at all.  No to factoring, no to credit lines, no to No NO No NO!  Nothing!  Never mind, with this faith strongly held inside me, I reached home which was my office too.

What struck me hard and transpired next  was that, this is merely an absolute  Help from Allah coming my way... to help raising my not-fatherless-children.  

The phone call from him was just a normal conversation.  Then he went on asking how was my  business and I have not forgotten to relate him the project that was not meant for me and also the one with no fund to begin with.

"How much you need?" He asked me such a question???? It was unbelievable.
"I have no idea yet until I inquired from the factory" I replied with my ears still in disbelief.
"Ok, make it quick.  Let me know the amount and  I should be able to help you".  He gave an assurance.
 "Alhamdulillah syukur!!!!!!!!! Okay, I would do that next day and thank you,"  said I. 

The help at the wedding preparation went on smoothly and I left my cousin's place shortly after mid night.

The following day..
After the negotiations with the factory and setting the date to deliver and install, I had then reverted to him and informed him the amount that was required.
"Okay, I shall ask Amir, my son, to put this amount into your account by tomorrow" was his promise. 
My, oh MY!  How shall I ever repay his kindness? His noble deed???
One particular morning during one of phone conversations with him I said,
 "I have never met anyone so kind, so helpful as you.  I have just met you, hardly know one another and here you are dare helping me???" I remarked.
"YOU have asked for help from Allah and Allah sends through me"... was his reply.
My goodness, are there many good Samaritans out there? Most I have come across, would not dare helping with such an amount.  Most would probably just belittle you ... trying to do a project with no capital???

Another incident that struck me was...
One day my MPV broke down and I was helpless ... have no one to turn to for help.  I prayed hard and one night an old classmate called me over the phone.  After a short while the conversation was cut off.  Apparently her phone was out of batteries.  The next morning after my Subuh Prayer, the same good Samaritan was on the phone asking me how I was.  And I told him about my car which was giving me a scary ride along the steep hilly slope of Ipoh on a rainy day with no proper braking system on except its ABS ...
"Don't worry my dear, help is on its way from Allah" was his short remark and it was indeed a remarkable one!
Indeed help came... almost abruptly after he put down his phone.
"Sorry about the phone last night.  The battery was flat. I remember the last thing I have asked was how's your car?" She came just on time to refresh the hanging conversation of last night.
"Oh yes, the car lost its braking system.  I wasn't sure what was wrong with it but it was at the mechanics for a while now.  Him not knowing where to get the spare parts and all"  said I.
"I have this reliable mechanic near my house and we could have your car towed over and meanwhile you could have my Mercedes  to use"... another unbelievable remark!!! Indeed it was unbelievable.

Anyway, I was lent her Merc and her Pajero for almost a month.  The mechanic found the spare part from Senawang and managed to trace the root problem to my MPV.  It was the servo pump which had stopped functioning.

People who have hearts of gold are rare to find... May Allah Bless them and their families with good health, long life and stay in High Iman and Taqwa always.  Amin.

this posting is dedicated to the one with a heart of GOLD>


Anonymous said...

wow..didn't know such human being still exist on this earth.. i guess we all just have to believe :)

RoyalTLady said...

YES, Miss/Mr. Anonymous.... They DO still exist... they are God-sent and they shall be rewarded equally in the hereafter. Amin.

LDH said...

Good morning, sweet friend! SO nice stopping by to visit with you and read this wonderful story. A tremendous blessing for sure. Hope all is well with you.

Kindly, Lorraine

RoyalTLady said...

Lorraine, How sweet of you to come by. Glad you came to share my story. Yes, indeed it was a tremendous blessing. I was ever so grateful to The Almighty for giving me such wonderful friends.

Enjoy your weekend ahead. Blessings from Malaysia.