Thursday, September 30, 2010


Two days ago, (nope! Three, today) he had expressed himself to me...

"Harith want to sew beads" and I just had a good look at him.  
Not reacting to his words positively.

"Harith, you are still small.  I shall teach you when you are a little bit bigger and when you know how to handle the needle.  It could be dangerous you know?"... trying to discourage him.

"Yes, I know" .  He answered me sharply.

Yesterday,  sitting in bed together with him, I recalled his interest and I thought, why don't I try.  See if it works and see the wonders of Allah's Will and His wishes on His subjects.

So, I asked (almost confidently).

"Harith, do you want to try sewing beads?"

"Yes!  Harith want to.  I want to."  Excitedly pushing towards me. 

He managed to hold the needle correctly...When the needle was placed onto the garment, I told him two simple words, 

"Harith, Say Push" and as he pushed the needle with his thumb and index finger alternatively and appropriately. I next told him...

"Harith, Say Pull" and he repeated after me faithfully holding  and  pulling away the needle perfectly correct!  Amazing how Allah wants to show His Greatness... Meanwhile, I reached out for my hand phone and snapped these pictures.

I shall now let the pictures speak for themselves. 

These little fingers belong to a Two years and eight months old grandson of mine.


Barbara said...

How clever. He has watched you so many times he just does not want to miss out.

RoyalTLady said...


It's wonderful to see you coming by. I know I have been a bad visitor in this blog land. I have fallen out many many days and weeks.

YOU have great pictures over there.

azahar said...

Kids, oh they are so creative...let them be and they will be all right...just be careful of the needles though...

It is indeed a long time since you last wrote....

RoyalTLady said...

lepas ni mesti susah nak tulis lagi... dah ada tambahan cucu satu lagi. Amir Harith dah dapat adik, nama Sofiya.

nazarina said...

I came back to your blog to listen yet again to the little child reciting the Quran and made my husband listen as well. My husband accepted our faith and became a Muslim!
This child's voice makes me tear up, & makes me think of the happy memories together with my Mom.

I then decided to click on this post and then I really began to cry, tears just rolling down my face, because my mother as you know from my "profile" was an extremely gifted dress maker and designer as well and she taught us to sew in a similar manner. I remember helping her sewing sequences, and black ones mind you on a dress for a model and one of her customer's.
I envisioned that same wonderful moment with my Mom just as you are depicting here!
Thank you for visiting me and reminding me of those beautiful memories with her!

RoyalTLady said...

What a real coincidence..I went to a blog last night and had mentioned about my childhood memories and similarly... tears were rolling down my cheeks as I was racing to fast-rewind my past.... I believed, great thinkers think alike!!!

Ya, I had noticed you wrote so wonderfully about your mom as well as your granny who was a great cook. You are such a talented person too. I have always admired your presentations and those carefully snapped pictures. They were amazing!

Glad you like the Yaasin recitation. You could find lots more recitation by young children in the You Tube. I found them while searching for alif ba ta for Harith.