Wednesday, March 24, 2010


One brightly shone afternoon
I looked out of this vary window
Wishing for the impossibly possible
I Wish I could have a better view of the sunset

I snapped these pictures using my phone cam
Admiring the huge leaves from the gigantic money plant
That would cater for huge meals
On our dining table in the kitchen (?)
I caught this image not knowing
The reason why but I did it
The little forest at the edge
Housed and fed the wild monkeys

NO matter how much I tried
The image of the clear sky is still hidden
I could only peek through those leaves
Some looking like the "tarzan's" string...

A week later, came a 10:00a.m shock
Giving us a loud scary noise
But it appeared much too small for the sound
Our fence were crushed

OH Goodness ME! Outside our fence
The huge old tree had fallen
Only a parasitical plant fell inwards
Giving way for me to see the sky!!!!!

Alhamdulillah syukur. Thanks be to Allah
Now the much needed view
Is in my sight!
I could now enjoy the sunset

Some branches from another old dead tree
Somehow tells me different story
But now I never missed to look
Oh, My wishful thinking

What a beautiful sight
To watch before I drew the blinds
Of my bedroom window
To continue my wishful thinking, Subhanallah


Laura in Paris said...

I enjoyed reading your story and looking at the pictures - though I felt the view was rather beautiful, I am glad you can see the sun now.

RoyalTLady said...


Glad to see here. Yes, I now get to see what I had often wished for... BUT on sunny days, by 3:00pm, I get abundance of sunlight coming through this window right onto my bed. The room gets to warm.... (complaining, eh?)

azahar said...

We human always complain. When it is hot we complain it is hot, but when it rains, we then again complain that it rains...