Wednesday, September 2, 2009


The once healthy plant looked like this after a few months.

The only miserable fruit that was just ready for photo shot.
Soon after, it disappeared with the monkeys...

What's left to ponder, to remember and to glue into my memory... and to share with blogger friends. these are all phone cam shots.

The once healthy looking tomato plants from my 24 pots are all a goner now. I wonder how's Ginnie's tomatoes are doing right now?

The plants slowly started receiving whitish visitors who stubbornly refused to leave. They got stuck there, practically on each leaf causing them to turn yellowish a few weeks later. The trees were almost three feet high but never fruiting. There were plenty of flowers to make me happy. I shower them everyday until the day I decided to pull them all out of those pots.

Now the pots are filled with other little plants which are much less significant. But they would hopefully grow big soon, because this morning after shifting them there, I also put some fertilizers... Am I expecting them to grow over night?

Now no more tomato plants to fill up the side wall and beautify my garden.


A Fanciful Life said...

I'm so sorry about your tomato plants. There is nothing yummier than a freshly picked, home grown tomato! I also got white stuff on my baby rosebush leaves, then they yellowed and dropped off. I didn't know what it was so I trimmed the whole thing back and put it out in the sun. It's hard to have a green thumb!
Sharon :-)

azahar said...

How much do you normally charge for beading a baju kurung?

RoyalTLady said...


I was quite disappointed with them actually. But ignorance pays. I have no idea how to plant them safely.

Sorry to hear about your rose bush... I used to smuggle rose cuttings from UK those days and they grew well in my late Mom's huge pots. But they flower throughout the year because there was abundance sunlight.


RoyalTLady said...


I have never done for "tempahan" yet. But the normal pattern for sleeves and neckline would normally cost RM 140.00-Rm160.00, here in KL.

My patterns are not repeatable and only one person has it. This one in the picture belongs to Wan Azlan's sister... she asked me to sew for her.

So far I have been doing for my girls and my own baju kurong only.