Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A.H (a bundle of joy)

10.10 a.m mama said "lets go to UH!
Nana said "Ha? Is it real this time?
Papa said " Wait, can we wait a little?
Am about to catch my much-needed nap"
Harith said "Nope! Pa, I cannot wait

Lets go Pa, lets go... I am arriving!"

I heard Nana saying "Oh false alarm"
Yeah It better be
Because otherwise I would be
Too early to be expected
The invitation card says 23.1.2008
Time? Not mentioned
Venue? Probably UMMC...yes!

This time, still early but
Later by a week than the false alarm...
Nana stand by? Ok?Ok!
Nana prepares room for Harith Ok? Ok!
Nana shifts to upper room ok? Ok!

But where is my bed?
Oh don't worry lad, it's coming
From Ochi's house
Uncel Iman would be sending it over
Harith! Assemble it yourself ok?OK!
BUT! Where is the mattress?

Ok, lets workout how to find it
Aunty Intan next door said
You just CUT, yes cut!
Ok! So we did...Papa did
After measuring, re measure, re measure
Taking a long pencil, draw few lines
Papa did cut it up
From a well full sized mattress

Cik Za, patiently sew the cover
Ops! My! With blanket stitch????
Five long laborious hours
Nana found a quicker way
Plain stitches, it ends in two hours
fine...I have two mattress now
They fit beautifully
Where they ought to be

OK, bags, people and people and people
All into the car...we all now go to UMMC!

there's a sound of thunder now.....pause!

Nana, Cik Za were waiting in the room
Together with Mama and Papa
Then came the time all should leave
BUT Mama still receiving visitors
Among them are C.B, Uchi, Yaii, Cik Tini And Cik Tika


Someone was missing since morning...
Cik Di was in the campus with friends
Doing projects in the lab at the Eng.Fac
She only joined us all much later

By 5.30pm Nana, Cik Za and Cik Di left
They were going home for dinner
Probably coming back later tonight
To see me arriving

YES! They came back later, true
This time Nana sat outside the VIP Suite
Cik Za called Cik Fiz to come
He arrived shortly before 11.00pm

While the two Professors and nurses were busy
Attending to Mama
Sat Nana silently outside "saying prayers"
She read all the surahs and doas for Mama
She never stopped reading
NEVER stopped
From the little book in her hands

I arrived at 11.56pm...refusing
To be a 13th January born child

Nana and Cik Za hugged each other

Ooooo! It was so wonderful to see them
Outside the room
Tears of joy were flowing freely
Like the pearls without strings
None stop
I heard Nana saying repeatedly

I was delivered by Prof.Paul Tay

Later Ochi, Yaii, Cik Tika, Cik Tini arrived
Much to their joys

Ochi brought nasi minyak for Mama and Papa

Drinks and all the goodies

They all later left the new parents

To enjoy me, as the new born

In the privacy of our room...1017 now

By 2.30am "Wan" (the decided title for Nana) became hungry
So she helped herself to fried rice
That was bought from the morning
Cik Za helped herself to fried mee hoon
Cik Di helped herself to fried mee hoon too
So not only Wan was hungry

The next morning
We (A.H, Papa and Mama) received visitors
Many, many, many visitors
Chu T, C.B. Hannah Sarah, Uncle Peter

Later joined by Ochi and her family

They made a lot of noise
Excitement filled our room

Then Mama shoved me out
Profesor C.T.Lim wanted to check me
One final checking
Before we went home

By 3.00pm everyone left
Taking with them our luggage
Like we were just returning from a long journey
Indeed it was an eight-month-long-journey
For me, little A.H

Everyone waited in our house
For our arrival
With me in Ochi's arm
Mama sitting in the front seat
While Papa drove through

It was time to feed me
We found our way into my new bedroom
Much later we made our appearance
To adjust with the new world
New surroundings
New swimming pool
Everything new to me as little A.H

Then it all began...SILENT!
No voice for the TV (silent movies)
No loud talk (more sign language)
No door slamming(more polite)
Even when the lights were switched on
It could startled me

On week ends I started receiving
Visitors and visitors endlessly (?)
Of course it ended before night fall
Then the new "everything"
AND I have a lot to do now

Sending thank you notes
To All The WANs in town
To all my Grandmas, Grandads
Aunties who helped to prepare
Those mentioned earlier
Aunties who visited me
And most all to Mama and Papa...

On the third day of my birth
I was already opening my eyes wide
Much to Wan's amazement
I also gave a loud yell when wet
Then I found my way into the bathroom

Bathing time was blissfully joyful
Awkwardly people were holding me
Dipping my toes into the tub
Immersing my body into the water
All the way through
Yell!!!!!!!! It's strange
Why the cuddle were gone
The lying position was unsafe
I felt insecure

Quickly they would wrap me around
My brand new yellow Aussino towel
Thick and fluffy
Drying here, drying there...
Got dressed before I got the chill

Every few hours I would "deliver"
I don't think I enjoy it much
Mama put me up there
So high, while Wan tried to pasify me
Distracting me with all sorts
Oh yes! I found some friends
From the tissued box placed next to me
They are colorful
Some are fat and yellow
Holding cakes and cookies
The other is striped and big
I have not met them yet..

Wait till I see them on their TV programme
Then shall I know who they are
Toys with sounds and colors
Made my head turned
Mama and Papa were happy to see me
Turning my head slowly
Left and right

Papa enjoyed holding me
When he was leaving for work
He would hold and kiss me
Each morning send offs
Have no cries yet
Wait till I get much older
Then probably my cries
Would get to the neighbor's house
Next door, where Kak Sarah lives

For the past ten days
I have been bathing in the ...
Wouldn't want to tell you...
Sink, in the bathroom
Sometimes I enjoyed too much
Didn't realize that bathing was over

Three days now
I found myself sleeping
On the settee that seats three adults
I slept through till Mama
Woke me up for feeding
Wan was wondering
What else would I conquer after this
In this house

Wan is probably an IT literate
But not an expert
She loves writing and blogging
This may be (her) longest poem ever written
Since the birth of her blog
On the 16th December 2007
Just a little bit older than me...
Probably 28days older

Now A.H is 25 days old
I could say "Aaaaauh"
Gave a little smile to Mama
And to Papa?
Some "accidents" occured
Sorry Pa!

Yesterday 5th February 2008
Dr.Abdullah Yasin paid us a visit

Holding me in his arm
He then put an Ajwa Date in his mouth

Chewing and chewing

Dipped his finger in "air zam zam"

Then he put his "date -covered-finger"

Into my little mouth

It went round in circle

It tasted sweet

The the "doa" was recited

Followed by Pa, Ma, Wan, Cik Fiz, Uchi and Yaii

TQ Ustaz for performing the

Thank you all for witnessing
I was very lucky indeed
Historic day of my life...25days old

They helped themselves to sweets
Which was served with Uchi's sandwiches
To savour it a little

Tea was prepared by Cik Fiz
Not by the RoyalTlady

Ok, A.H want to sleep now...

See you in the next line

Or two later...

On the day the monkeys came

They stood on the window ledges

Mama said they were watching

Perhaps counting how many

Of us were taking our naps

Luckily they did not venture in

And joined us in bed

Otherwise? Mama would be screaming

Her heart out

Visitors came, visitors went
They came with presents
Less empty handed ones
I often see similar faces
Which never failed to be away
Be it day or night
They are the faces of
My ever faithful Mama and Papa

They slept through with me
Woke up when I did
Then one day I decided
To sleep with them in their large bed
The magnetic mattress below
Gave me extra warmth

Today, Cik Di left us all
She had to attend uncle Khairul's wedding
Ki took his family along
Cik Di would have preferred to stay longer
I knew it for sure but...
She had no choice
She has to go along

Cik Sarah next door is so cute
But ever since I arrived, she sort of stopped
Becoming Wan's close friend
She even stopped her usual warm waving
That she had always done

Whenever she heard Wan's voice
Calling out her name, Sarah,Sarah
Now she no longer waves no more

Cik Za spends a lot of time with me too
She would adore me
Clean me, cuddle me whenever she is free
Now she is holding the new toy
Waving frantically to attract my attention
Suddenly her arm became tired
She asked "how long would I have to do this?"

I guess I have the longest poem ever written so far...
So long dear bloggers
Do write comments here and everywhere
I shall reply after each of my nap

Hello again... This is my youngest aunty
Named Hanna Sarah Woods

Belongs to Wan Chu Tee and Ki Uncle Peter
She weighs a Kg. a month
Impossible for Harith to keep up!!!!
We call her "Michelline Baby"
Isn't she adorable?

Ok, I am quite busy today
Uploading pictures of my family
Clicking here and there
Editing and cropping where possible
Uploading then blog and then paste

Harith has sent emails to Wans in "oga'72"
Thanking them all for the well wishes
To Wan JAM especially
For pointing out my 'yellowish" skin
That day sent me sleeping
For three nights under that lamp

Then there was jasmine tea to bathe in
Nice and warm after half an hour boil
Comfort surrounded me with towels
Then the rush, rush, rush
Why? Only few special people
Knew too well "WHY"?

Guess what? In this house
People have afternoon naps
The longest one ever had
Normally Wan
She filled up her mornings
With brisk "do this, do that"
She got annoyed when people woke her up!

So, people! Understand this okay?
Don't expect her attendance
Whenever guests popped in and out
For she deserved this much needed rests
After we all drove her energy out...
Don't get sick okay Wan?
We needed you to be around

photos are found missing, again? 2.09 a.m 19th.feb.08


RoyalTLady said...

Pictures went missing again. Can't understand why it happens within less than 24 hours of uploading them.

Is there some kind of..."going-ons" or the site would not hold too many pictures in one article?


RoyalTLady said...

Pictures went missing again. Can't understand why it happens within less than 24 hours of uploading them.

Is there some kind of..."going-ons" or the site would not hold too many pictures in one article?


RoyalTLady said...

today I found out several pictures went missing....